Dwarf Moss

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Unearthing the Past

The group left the city Jorgansburg on a debt to be paid back via Jae’s father. They were off to Travinsburg where the town needed food that was supposed to be sent there 10 days back.

On day 4 of our travels we were assaulted by 4 orcs in the middle of the night. The party killed them before Braga and Jae could get their armor on.

We made it to Travinsburg and Braga, Pockets, and Grimluk went to the bar while the rest of the party sold the orcs gear. In the bar Braga went to pay for his drink and the 10 silver in his pouch and instead it had 10 gold.

We set off to find the wagon of food and found 2 orcs and 2 human spell casters. We killed the 2 mages and 1 orc, then subdued one of the orcs for questioning. He was rather useless. We took him back to the town with all the dead guards.

The town stoned the orc before dinner time. We sold the items from the bad guys for 105 Gold, 7 silver.

We got 100 gold as a reward for getting the food back. Braga, Pockets, Jae, and Grimluk went to the bar and had a good night. Grimluk challenged Pockets to a drinking contest and Braga stepped in to be the challenger. They both lost and got past out drunk.


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